External Hard Disk Has Been Dropped

The use of external hard disk drives is almost universal, with many companies producing units, or enclosures. This trend is only set to continue with manufacturers producing ever larger drives and personal cloud storage solutions.

If your external hard disk drive, is dropped, or suffers another impact event, it will almost invariably require hard disk recovery to be performed. Even if the external drive is not powered up, such an impact can still cause significant problems. DiskEng recommend powering the device down, and seeking a professional data recovery solution.

Portability Has Associated Risks

External USB hard disk drives are extremely popular, as they provide both portability, and a means of backing data up. In the event of reinstalling the operating, or purchasing a new computer, the data is almost instantly available.

There are however risks, and one of the most common problems we see requiring external hard drive recovery, is where it has been dropped. This can happen while transporting the hard drive, or even be as simple as moving a cable, which hooks the unit off the top of the computer or desk.

Impact Damage Causes Serious Problems

The most common problem which occurs when a hard disk drive is dropped is a failure of the motor spindle. In some cases the disk will simply refuse to spin, but often the disk platters will spin up, but not rotate at the correct speed, or even worse cause a vibration. This vibration can set up a resonance, which leads to the read/write heads crashing into the surface of the platters, exacerbating the initial problem.

If the drive was operating when the impact occurs, the read/write heads will almost certainly bounce, and crash into the surface of the disk platters. Such a crash may destroy the read/write heads, and the impact will also create debris inside the drive, which will lead to further damage, as and when it sticks to the read/write head.

External Hard Disk Recovery

The good news is that if you follow the recommended guidelines and power the external hard disk drive down, a successful data recovery is possible. The hard drive will require the hardware specialists to rebuild the drive in order to recover the data successfully.

Repeated attempts to power up a failing drive, or in the rare case where it still works, severe damage can occur as outlined above. This could in the worst cases result in total loss of the data, having lost the opportunity to perform a data recovery on the drive.

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