External USB Drive Recovery Oxford

“Thank you for the disk with the reclaimed files. I have had some problems with my computer. File all OK. Great service, again thank you.”

Brian J Godfrey, Oxford

An external USB drive enclosure arrived at our laboratory containing a Western Digital WD20EARX-00PASB0 2TB SATA hard disk drive. During the imaging process our hardware engineers found the drive contained a lot of bad sectors.

Over time a hard disk will develop bad sectors, which are automatically mapped out using spare sectors, but once this list is exhausted, new bad sectors will start to affect the data on drive. The frequency of new bad sectors appearing will begin to increase, and in this case may have been accelerated by the operating temperature of the drive.

When our data recovery specialists looked at the recovered data, they were able to determine that the bad sectors seemed to only be affecting system areas of the NTFS volume, used by the operating system when mounting the data volume. We were able to recover the 28GB of data files.

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