Failed Laptop Drive Blackpool

“Excellent job in returning some important documents I’d been working on while away from home and hadn’t copied to my PC. Learned a valuable lesson that thumping a laptop in frustration can kill the hard drive. Recommended.”

Malcolm Macdonald, Blackpool

A 1TB Toshiba laptop hard disk drive at our laboratory in Oxford from Blackpool. Our hardware data recovery engineers dismantled the drive revealing that when the laptop was thumped, it caused the read/write heads to impact with the disk platters. This impact destroyed the read/write heads and some of the magnetic recording surface. Our data recovery specialists cleaned the drive and rebuilt it using donor parts. This allowed them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the disk. Approximately twenty thousand unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

The secured drive image was examined by our data recovery specialists it to contain a single 1TB NTFS operating system volume. The volume contained approximately 570GB consisting of the Windows operating system and program files, along with a large selection of photos, videos and many office documents. A detailed scan of the recoverable data files revealed that most of the bad sectors encountered during the imaging process had affected the operating system and program files, with a few photos damaged too. Fortunately, the important office documents were undamaged.

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