Failed RAID Controller Manchester

“Allowing our RAID array to run in degraded mode was a mistake. Many thanks to DiskEng for recovering our data, saving us from what could have been a disaster.”

Neil Tyler, Hallam Tech Consultancy, Sheffield

We received five 2TB Western Digital hard disk drives from Sheffield at our offices in Oxford, which came from a RAID array. The drives were examined by our hardware specialists revealed that one of the drives had completely failed, having suffered a read/write head failure, probably due to overheating. Our engineers were able to overcome the problem, but the drive was found to be suffering from a large number of unreadable bad sectors.

The other four drives were imaged to our servers with one of them suffering 10 unreadable bad sectors. Fortunately the server had been configured in a RAID 5 configuration with distributed parity, which allows us to overcome the severe problems with the drive which had failed. A detailed examination revealed that the drive which had suffered the read/write failure was the first drive to fail.

Our RAID server recovery specialists analysed the other four recovered hard drive images to determine the RAID scheme, creating a virtual RAID array. Examination of the virtual RAID array located a 7.8TB NTFS data volume which contained 3.7TB of files, including several large databases, which were required. Only one file was damaged by the bad sectors, although these were overcome by using data from the failed.

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