Fire Damaged Desktop London

“Following a fire I sought advice about recovering my data. DiskEng proved particularly helpful as I didn’t know about keeping the drives wet after the fire had been put out. Huge thanks for all the hard work in recovering all my important data.”

D Stringer, Home User, Harrow, London

We received two hard disk sealed in a container, a 1TB Western Digital drive and a 2TB Seagate drive from Harrow, London at our laboratory in Oxford. The desktop the drives had come from had suffered water damage following the fire, so it was important they were kept wet. The fire had caused damage to the controller boards, while the water had infiltrated the drives.

Our hardware data recovery specialists completely cleaned and rebuilt both drives, allowing sector-by-sector image copies of the drives to be taken. Both drives were imaged to our secure servers each suffering a few unreadable bad sectors.

An examination of the images revealed both contained single NTFS partitions. The 1TB drive contained a Windows boot volume, with the operating system, program files and assorted documents and data. The 2TB drive contained an assortment of documents, music files, videos and photos. While there was some damage due to the unreadable bad sectors, it was confined to unimportant files. The drives contained 530GB and 1.3TB of data respectively.

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