Flood Damaged Laptop Carlisle

”When my laptop was damaged in the recent floods, a friend recommended I contact DiskEng. Very impressed with the professional service and excellent advice. Thanks for recovering my important files.”

TL Althwaite, Carlisle

We received a sealed container in a 1TB Toshiba laptop hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory from Carlisle. Our hardware data recovery specialists performed a complete rebuild of the drive, ensuring there were no contaminants present on any of the components. The voltage regulator on drive controller board had suffered damage when the water had entered the laptop causing a short circuit.

The fault with the power regulator was easily fixed allowing our hardware engineers to secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive. During the imaging process two unreadable bad sectors encountered.

The secured image of the drive was examined by our data recovery specialists, revealing a single 1TB NTFS file system. An analysis of the file system found the partition contained approximately 370GB of data consisting of operating system and program files, office documents, photos, music files, and other assorted user files. Fortunately the two unreadable bad sectors affected a couple of operating system files.

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