With the huge volume of data stored in electronic form it is important that this data is available for electronic disclosure (E-Disclosure) in an efficient and cost effective manner. Electronically stored data is now an integral part of most modern cases of litigation, regulatory inquiry or investigation.

The legal requirements surrounding electronic disclosure are becoming increasingly complicated, making the process complex and expensive. When handled in an efficient manner, from identifying the information required right through to producing the reports, we can help avoid escalation of costs.

Sources of Information

When you are subjected to E-Disclosure, it is important that all data stored in electronic form can be analysed. This includes many data sources, some of which are listed below:

  • Emails
  • Backups, including tapes and cloud services
  • Hard disk drive contents
  • Mobile device contents
  • Scanned documents
  • Removable media, including USB devices, CD’s, DVD’s etc.

It is important that all data is disclosed, to avoid any later complications which could be seen as obstructing justice by a court of law.

E-Disclosure Procedures

The procedures involved in presenting all the data for E-Disclosure are complex, and time consuming. This involves a number of procedures which may include interaction with the client to aid the search for critical information. Some of the many procedures involved are listed below:

  • Data capture and collation
  • Recovery, restoration and conversion of data from tape backups
  • Collection of emails
  • Data preparation and data mining
  • Reviewing documents and emails
  • Keyword data analysis
  • Comparison between archive and live data
  • Data Processing

The aim is to produce reports and data pertaining to the relevant information required for E-Disclosure.

E-Disclosure Support

Our E-Disclosure specialists will interact with the client to aid in the search for certain relevant information. This may be done in the form of a questionnaire known as an Electronic Document Questionnaire (EDQ) which helps to guide the identification and collection of information stored in electronic form.

We are here to work with our clients in preparing all the data required for the purposes of E-Disclosure, which includes regular consultation and updates during the process. Our experts are available to give guidance and appear in court as an expert witness.

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