Hard Drive Boot Failure Edinburgh

“Following some erratic behaviour my computer refused to boot again. Extremely pleased with fast recovery of my documents and data files.”

Cameron McKenzie, Writer, Edinburgh

We received a 2TB HSGT hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory facilities in Oxford from Edinburgh. An examination by our hardware specialists found not physical problems with the drive. Our engineers were able to secure a sector-by-sector copy of the hard drive with no unreadable bad sectors encountered.

An examination of the image copy of the drive by our data recovery specialists revealed that the master boot record on the drive had been overwritten deleting the partition table information. A detailed analysis revealed an NTFS boot sector for a 2TB partition, an examination of which revealed corruption of file system data structures.

The damage to the master boot record and the NTFS partition appear to have been due to a malware infection. Our data recovery specialists processed the NTFS partition finding 780GB of system and user data files. All documents and files were scanned for malware revealing only some system files to have been corrupted. All user files were returned to the customer on an external USB drive.

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