Hard Drive Recovery Stafford

“When I switched my computer on and there was a loud pop and a burning smell, I thought we had lost our latest design portfolios. Many thanks for the super fast and friendly recovery of our data.”

Jenny Caitlin, RKC Design Studio, Stafford

A 2TB Seagate desktop hard disk drive arrived at our offices in Oxford from Stafford. An examination by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed that a fault in the power connector had caused a short circuit, which fused the power rails. After rectifying the fault our hardware engineers were able to take a sector-by-sector image of the drive, which also suffered a few unreadable bad sectors.

Our data recovery specialists examined the copy of the drive image upon which they located a 2TB NTFS data volume. Our data recovery specialists found 720GB of data files, with the damage from the bad sectors only affecting a few non-essential system files.

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