Laptop Boot Failure Windsor

“A huge relief to get by data back after my laptop failed. When attempting to boot the laptop the screen was blank.”

Ruth Wilde, Windsor

A 1TB Western Digital laptop hard disk drive arrived from Windsor at our offices in Oxford. The drive was examined by our hardware data recovery engineers revealing it to suffering a controller board failure. The failure was most likely due to the drive operating at too high a temperature.

The failure was overcome by our hardware data recovery engineers allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive. The drive was imaged with approximately 700 unreadable bad sectors encountered during the process.

The image was examined revealing a single 1TB NTFS partition. A scan of the NTFS volume revealed it to contain approximately 480GB of operating system and program files, photos, music files, videos and many office documents. The data was written to an external USB drive for return to the customer.

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