Laptop Computer is Making Strange Noises

Laptops of whatever size are tightly packaged to save space, which makes them even more susceptible to heat issues than a desktop computer. Cooling in a laptop is usually done by means of a fan expelling air across a heat-sink, which is attached to the processor, and any other temperature critical components.

The heat-sink and fan have a tendency to attract dust particles, which over time will accumulate, reducing the efficiency of the cooling system. Short of using your laptop in a dust free clean room, we live in an environment with multiple dust sources, which includes ourselves, our pets, clothes and atmosphere in general.

Fan is Running All the Time

Eventually, through the accumulation of dust on the heat-sink and fan, as well as the increased demands from software on the processor and graphics, cooling will become an issue. It is however easy to ignore, even though this is probably the first sign that the health of your laptop is not quite as it should be. It is important that you should never open your laptop, as this will not only void any warranty, but risk damage to components sensitive to static electricity.

If the dust build-up on the fan reaches a certain level, it can also start to make odd noises. There is a temptation to use air-blowers, compressed air or even tap the laptop, all of which can risk causing serious damage, especially to the laptop hard disk drive. Impact damage in particular is very bad, and almost always leads to requiring a data recovery service, to retrieve the files.

Take Care of Your Laptop

The two biggest factors in hard drive failures are heat and impact damage, both of which are an increased risk with a laptop. Cooling relies on air flowing across components, and any interruption to this, such as placing your laptop on a bed, can cause a sharp increase in temperature. As laptops are portable devices, it is also very easy for them to suffer shocks from impacts, dropping them being the most severe case possible.

Imagine the scenario, where you have the laptop on your legs, watching TV, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s easy to place the laptop down on the chair, or even balance it on the arm of the sofa, or a small table, while you answer the door. Placing it on the chair will interrupt the cooling, while balancing it somewhere, makes it vulnerable to being knock down, either by you, a child or pet.

Laptop Hard Disk Drive is Clicking

Hearing your laptop hard disk drive clicking is one of the worst sounds that can be heard in the modern world. This means that a failure has already occurred, and your next actions are critical in determining the extent of the failure. The smart and recommended action is to turn the power off, and seek professional laptop data recovery.

Once a laptop hard disk drive starts clicking, the failure can only get worse, if you make repeated attempts to reboot the laptop, or copy the data from the drive. The failure, whether from impact or heat damage, could be due to a number of causes, as the symptoms are very similar. Failure of, the drive motor spindle, the read/write heads or hard disk controller, are all possible. If it suffered an impact while running, the read/write heads could have also come into contact with the drive platters. Seek professional data recovery help now, before you risk your data.

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