Laptop Failure Lincoln

“Thoroughly recommended. Great job returning my files after my laptop failed to boot up.”

Dan Cook, Lincoln

A Toshiba laptop arrived at our laboratory in Oxford containing a 1TB Toshiba hard drive. An inspection of the hard disk revealed that the spindle motor had failed, causing the drive to become inaccessible. Our hardware data recovery specialists were able to rebuild the drive to over the problem, allowing a sector-by-sector image of the drive to be secured. During the imaging process no unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

An inspection of the laptop by our hardware recovery specialists revealed that the heatsink was clogged and the cooling fans coated in a thick film of dust which was inhibiting its rotation. This would have resulted in a buildup of heat within the laptop, causing the hard drive to operate at a temperature outside its optimal range. This will usually result in a failure of one or more components of the hard disk drive.

Our data recovery specialists examined the secured image revealing a 1TB NTFS data volume containing approximately 325GB of recoverable files consisting of the operating system files, applications, music files, videos, photos and assorted office documents. These were returned to the customer on an external USB drive.

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