No Fix No Fee, Nothing to Lose

The internet is awash with data recovery services on a “No Fix, No Fee” basis, also claiming that you have nothing to lose. This may however not necessarily be the case, as not all data recovery service providers have the correct expertise to deal with all failures. It is also worth realising that if the data is critical to the running of your business, each hour you do not have your data is costing money.

Your files are extremely important, so it’s imperative that you send your media to a data recovery company who you can trust, with the relevant expertise and experience. You do have something to lose, which is your important data files. Only by trusting the experts can you have the peace of mind that they will not make any mistakes, which may jeopardise those files.

Some Failures Lead to More Damage

Some hardware failures, particularly those on hard disks, may allow the drive to be run, but could be causing further damage if not fixed. It is also important that you tell the data recovery company exactly what the symptoms are, as the first step is critical in cases such as a water damaged or a fire damaged computer, whereby the drive must be cleaned and rebuilt first.

It is important to understand what steps the data recovery company will undertake to recover your files, because failing to do so could cause loss of data which may have been recoverable. It is critical to understand why we image a hard disk drive, in order to secure a copy of the data as fast as possible, while minimising the possibility of further damage.

You Data is Important

Whether the failed device belongs to you or the company you work for, the data contained on it, could be priceless, and in the commercial world be critical for business continuity. It is easy to underestimate the value of the data held on a storage device, but the statistics for companies who suffer data loss are not good, with many not surviving the experience.

Be very careful who you trust your storage media to, because even a well-meaning friend who says they can recover your data, may inadvertently cause more damage through their attempts at data recovery. For a company it is good policy to have a disaster recovery plan in place for such eventualities, so that when a failure occurs, you know exactly what action to take.

Expert Data Recovery

Only by trusting an expert data recovery company, such as DiskEng, can you be assured that your data is in good hands. Our highly experienced data recovery specialists are trained not to take any undue risks that may endanger your data.

Our engineers will secure a sector-by-sector copy of your media, which is also backed up to ensure no data loss can ensue as the result of a failure of your drive after imaging has been completed.  It is important that your data recovery is successful first time, because often a second chance is not afforded from a failed hard drive.

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