Overheated Laptop Recovery Bracknell

“My laptop started crashing regularly and making strange clicking and whirring noises. It went back to the shop who put me in contact with DiskEng. Many thanks for the advice and the recovery of my data.”

EM Winstone, Home User, Bracknell

A laptop containing a 1TB Toshiba hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Bracknell. An inspection of the hard disk drive revealed that a component on the controller had failed, leading to erratic behaviour of the drive. It was noted that laptop heatsink and fan were clogged with dust, causing the cooling efficiency to be heavily reduced, leading to a situation where all components within the laptop were overheating.

Our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problem with the controller, allowing a sector-by-sector image of the drive to be secured. In spite of the high temperatures, no unreadable bad sectors were present, although some areas of the disk had lower than normal data transfer speeds.

The image of the drive was analysed by our data recovery specialists, who located a single NTFS partition containing the operating system, program files and user data. There was some minimal file metadata damage due to operating system crashes, but this did not affect any of the required documents, photos and presentation files.

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