Power Damaged Hard Drive Leeds

“In the severe weather conditions, our office suffered damage. This caused damage to several admin computers, and our main server, bringing our operations to a standstill. DiskEng were recommended to us, and we sent the server and two of the admin desktop machines to their labs. After two days, the server drive was fully recoverable, with the admin machines suffering some damage to the Windows operating system files. By the third day our operations were back up and running. Many thanks to Brian for your support and advice.”

B M Totham, Elphick Engineering Ltd, Leeds

An HP Server containing a 2TB disk drive and two HP desktop machines, each containing a 500GB hard disk, arrived at our laboratory in Oxford for data recovery. Our stage one analysis soon revealed that a severe power surge had caused failure of the hard drive electronics. Our disk data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problems and gain access to the data on the drives.

The recovered data from the server exhibited no problems and could be completely recovered. Both the desktop drives revealed some corruption of the operating system files, but all the business critical data appeared to be intact.

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