Power Surge Damage Swansea

“The power supply of my computer was replaced at the shop following a failure, but the hard disk was not found afterwards. They told me that it appears a power surge caused the failure of both the power supply and disk. They suggested sending it for data recovery through DiskEng. I was very placed with the friendly and efficient service and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone else.”

Eoin Jones, home user, Swansea

A 4TB Western Digital hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Swansea. The hard disk drive was examined by our hardware data recovery specialists who revealed that the problem was due to a burnt out voltage regulator, which had been caused by purge surge probably resulting from the power supply failure. Our hardware engineers were able to overcome the problem which allowed them to take a sector-by-sector image of the drive to our server, with no unreadable bad sectors encountered during the process testtest.

A detailed analysis of the secured image by our data recovery specialists revealed a single 4TB NTFS data volume which containing approximately 1.2TB of data comprising mainly operating system, program files, photos, music files and office documents. Due to the computer failing while in operation there was some minor damage to some metadata structures, but these were confined to some temporary files, with all the important data intact, which was returned to the customer.

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