Preparing For Bad Weather

With the arrival of winter, the United Kingdom has already seen several storms most notably Abigail and Barney which brought vast quantities of rain and severe gales. We have also seen temporary shifts in the jet stream causing Arctic winds from the Polar icecap to bring freezing cold weather to the country.

Such severe weather conditions can cause serious problems, not just to the transport infrastructure but more importantly to computer users it can bring down power lines, leading to power cuts. Beyond the initial inconvenience of the potential for losing unsaved work, power outages can cause power surges, which can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

It is therefore wise to ensure that you have some form of protection, ideally an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, if the price of a UPS is prohibitive a quality surge protector is better than nothing. Damage caused by electrical supply problems is not the only issue which could affect your computer, although some may be exacerbated when this happens.

During the winter months especially when the prevailing weather is coming from the north, the temperature can drop below zero Centigrade for long periods of time. It is at such times when pipes could freeze, leading to them bursting and causing a water leak. It is worth ensuring that your pipes are not vulnerable and also determine if the location of your electrical equipment, in particular your computer is located in a position where a burst pipe will not flood it.

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