RAID 0 Server Recovery Reading

“Whole process from initial contact to receiving the recovered data was excellent. Good communication reassuring us during such a worrying time. Hopefully we won’t need your services again but would not hesitate in using DiskEng again.”

Brandon Steinle, BKS Engineering, Reading

A RAID array containing four 1TB Seagate hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory. After examining the drives, it was soon apparent that one of the drives has suffered from overheating, causing a hardware failure of the electronics on the drive controller board. Our hard disk specialists were able to overcome the issue with the drive controller board. The drive was imaged with a few bad sectors present, while the other three drives had no errors.

The RAID configuration being used was RAID 0 striping, which means that the bad sectors on the damaged drive may cause damage to the file system. A virtual RAID 0 array was configured, we were able to recover 1.8TB of data files, with only half a dozen files proving to be affected due to the unrecoverable sectors. The 1.8TB of recovered data was delivered to the client’s office within two days.

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