RAID 5 NAS Recovery Kent

“A failure of our Drobo NAS box brought some of our staff to a halt. Many thanks for the super fast recovery of our data, and the invaluable advice we will use to hopefully avoid any such issues in the future.”

Christopher Strauss, JG Bio-Engineering, Kent

A 5-bay NAS box, containing five 2TB Western Digital red NAS hard disk drives, arrived at our offices in Oxford from Kent, following a hardware failure. The point of failure appears to have the controller board in the box, with the drives all in a working state.

Our data recovery engineers took a sector-by-sector image copy of all the drives, finding no problems with any of the disks during the process. These images were then looked at by our RAID data recovery specialists. An inspection of the images taken revealed a RAID 5 architecture had been used, which distributes the parity information across all the drives, from which a virtual RAID array created.

The virtual RAID array could then be analysed, upon which was found an LVM partition scheme, used to describe how the different data chunks were allocated to different virtual file systems. This was picked up by our software, revealing 4 NTFS file system volumes, two of 1TB, one of 2TB and the last being 4TB in size.

After processing, these were found to contain, 500GB, 630GB, 300GB and 2.7TB of data respectively, comprising an assortment of different file types, from an SQL database, through to office documents and images. Due to the RAID having failed while in operation, a couple of files were found to be corrupt, otherwise the vast majority of the data was intact.

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