RAID Array Offline

RAID arrays were at one time almost exclusively the preserve of enterprise level storage solutions. With the price of storage rapidly decreasing, RAID arrays are now even commonplace in the small office home office environment.

With the large amount of important data being stored on RAID arrays, it is easy to panic if it should go offline. It is at this point that the decisions you make will determine whether your data can be successfully recovered. RAID data recovery is best left to the experts, rather than making any rash attempts at do it yourself recovery.

RAID Failures

There are many reasons a RAID can go offline, starting with the RAID hardware such as a failure of the power supply, a cable, the controller or the back plane. Any failures of this nature should only be fixed by a professional expert to avoid causing any problems, particularly if the controller or back plane, are the root cause of the failure.

Once these have been eliminated as the source of the problem, it is almost certainly either due to a problem with one or more of the hard disk drives, or a logical error caused by corruption of important system data structures. It is important to call for help from a professional RAID data recovery service to avoid the risk of data loss.

Do Not Attempt to Force RAID Online

Once a RAID array goes offline, it is almost certainly something for which there is no simple fix, and an attempt to fix it could exacerbate the problem. Swapping drives to attempt a rebuild once the RAID array is offline, will not fix the problem, as the errors are too extensive to resolve by such means.

Trying to force a RAID array online is unwise, or giving in to the temptation to reinitialise or reconfigure the RAID will result in the loss of data. We have seen the results after such attempts, some of which have caused all data to be lost, while others have required a complex solution to rebuild the data in the correct order.

RAID Data Recovery

Even when no attempts have been made to fix the problem, RAID data recovery can be a complex process, so it is important you do not make it more complicated, or even in the worst case impossible. Our RAID data recovery specialists have an in-depth knowledge of RAID architecture as well as file system structures, in order to successfully recover data from a failed server system.

In the event of the failure of your server system, the best course of action is to trust your data to the RAID data recovery experts. The DiskEng RAID data recovery specialists have the in-depth knowledge and experience to recover data from the most complex configurations.

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