RAID Recovery London

“Three of our RAID hard drives failed in the main windows file server. Without delay the server was delivered at midnight to DiskEng Data Recovery facility. Despite three hard drives down DiskEng retrieved all the server data, excellent results”

Rick.Mangino, Portugalia, London

A dedicated RAID server with four Western Digital WD1500AHFD-00RAR5 150GB SATA raptor hard drives crashed. The server and hard drives were immediately brought to our data recovery facilities. Our RAID recovery specialists confirmed two of the drives had physically failed whilst a third drive had been formatted. Our RAID 5 recovery specialists also reported that the drives formed a RAID 5 array and used a 64kb stripe. Using bespoke data recovery techniques we restored temporary operation to one of the faulty drives and reverse engineered the damage to the formatted drive. Using our powerful raid 5 recovery software tools we created a perfect raid 5 virtual volume and recovered the clients business data in full.

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