RAID Recovery Surrey

“We sent our overseas crashed RAID sever to a data recovery company we used in the past, they could not recover any of the data, so we contacted DiskEng for their advanced RAID recovery services and they recovered all 317GB of data, we now use DiskEng for all our data recovery work”

Mike Balkham, Mindex Ltd, Horley, Surrey

Four Maxtor MaXLine 7L250S0 250GB SATA hard drives arrived at our data recovery facilities, despite being seen by another data recovery company who could not recover any data.

Our RAID data recovery specialists examined the RAID drives and reported each drive was physically healthy. Using our advanced RAID data recovery capabilities our data recovery specialists confirmed the four drives were arranged in a standard RAID 0 striped configuration. Using our proprietary RAID recovery software we created a virtual RAID array from the four hard drive images.

We located a volume that showed evidence of significant low-level corruption to critical MFT (Master File Table) records. Our senior RAID 0 recovery specialists developed a bespoke recovery solution that allowed the recovery of all the data stored on the 930GB NTFS volume from the failed RAID storage array.

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