Exchange Server Recovery

Most companies running Exchange servers benefit from the robust features that it has to offer. Exchange servers still run the same risks of losing data when the server encounters a failure of the storage media itself. This can be mechanical or logical, but it will affect the operation of the server.

The effects of a failure can leave hundreds of users with no email, contacts, calendar etc. We have experience of the devastation caused by an exchange server failure, especially for a live system accessed by a large number of users over a wide area network.

Our exchange server recovery capabilities have been extended, not only at the hardware level, but also at the logical file level, providing you with complete in house exchange recovery solutions.

We can recover from all forms of lost, damaged and corrupt “priv.edb” and “pub.edb” exchange files, including:

  • Exchange Server Failure
  • Exceeding Server storage limit
  • Hard disk failure
  • Hard disk boot failure
  • Server controller failure
  • Corrupt transaction logs
  • Common Jet Errors
  • Deleted emails
  • Corrupt “Priv.edb” file
  • Damaged information store

Need your exchange server recovered? Safely shut down the server and contact us now, to discuss the fastest data recovery solution for you.

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