RAID Data Recovery

DiskEng RAID data recovery service gives you access to our immediate RAID recovery solutions. RAID arrays can store vast amounts of data, so when a RAID array fails, the affects can be serious. For a business this can affect productivity, operations or even bring a company to a halt very quickly.

DiskEng-WinDEWe understand that time is of the essence and the data is critical to you and your business. To minimize the effects of data loss, all RAID data recovery processes are carried out by a separate team of data recovery specialists, who have over 14 years experience in recovering RAID data from every RAID level used.

Our RAID data recovery response teams operate using strict engineering procedures. The RAID data recovery procedure requires the imaging of each RAID disk to one of our secure 1024TB storage servers first, for preservation and data integrity. Using our own RAID data recovery software, we then recover your data.

Our experienced data recovery specialists aided, with our proprietary RAID data recovery tools, enable your data to be recovered safely and efficiently.

Your RAID array may have failed for one of the following reasons:

  • DiskEng-WinDrRAID disk failure
  • RAID controller failure
  • RAID array offline
  • Corrupt configuration
  • Missing volume segment
  • Volume fails to mount
  • Deleted RAID volume
  • Rebuild failure
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Parity and stripe damage
  • And others

Whatever the failure, we can still recover your data. For professional advice and immediate RAID data recovery solution, speak to our data recovery specialists today.

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