RAID Server Recovery Banbury

“When one of our RAID servers failed in our server room, we started retrieving the data from our cloud service provider. It soon became clear it would take over two weeks to duplicate all the files from the cloud to our servers. Time we just didn’t have! DiskEng were recommended to us, as a means of recovering our data faster from our failed RAID server, and proved to be extremely helpful, fast and efficient.”

Craig Rogers, BDV Fluid Dynamics Ltd, Banbury

A RAID array containing five 2TB Western Digital hard disk drives arrived at our laboratory. After examining the drives, it was soon apparent that one of the drives has suffered from overheating, causing a read/write head failure, leading to physical damage of the disk surface. Our hard disk specialists were able to overcome the issue with the read/write heads, and recover approximately 90% of the disk sectors. The other 4 drives, were still working, but two of them had a number of unreadable sectors, which had caused an attempted rebuild to fail.

The RAID configuration being used was RAID 5, which meant that we were able to use the parity information to rebuild a virtual RAID 5 array. Once the virtual RAID 5 array was configured, we were able to recover 4.2TB of data files, with only a couple of files proving to be affected due to the unrecoverable sectors. The 4.2TB of data was recovered in less than 48 hours and delivered to the client’s office.

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