Reformatted Partition Liverpool

“Many thanks for restoring my documents and photos after I accidentally formatted the wrong disk. Thoroughly recommended professional service.”

Steven Tracy, Liverpool

A 2TB Western Digital drive arrived at our laboratory from Liverpool which had been reformatted. Our hardware data recovery specialists examined the drive finding no physical problems. Our data recovery engineers secured a sector-by-sector image of the hard disk drives encountering no problems during the process.

The image taken of the hard disk was examined by our data recovery specialists, who found a single 2TB NTFS data volume which contained no data. Our data recovery experts then initiated an unformat data recovery process, which gathers together previously written system data which is then used to recover the files contained on the old volume.


The result of this process found 900GB of data pertaining to the previous data volume. This consisted of a wide range of office documents, videos, photos and other assorted files. Despite the data volume being reformatted only about half a dozen files could not be recovered. With no data having been written to the data volume subsequent to it being reformatted, allowed an almost complete recovery of all files contained on the previous NTFS file system.

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