Reinitialised External Disk Maidenhead

“Plugged my external drive in to back up more data and was presented with a message saying the disk should be reinitialised. I clicked yes and when it asked to reformat I realised I’d made a mistake. After talking to a colleague DiskEng were suggested to me. Very pleased with the excellent service returning my data quickly.”

Andy White, Maidenhead

We received a 1TB Maxtor external hard disk drive enclosure at our laboratory in Oxford from Maidenhead. An inspection of the drive by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed no physical problems with the drive contained within the enclosure. Our hardware engineers secured a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive finding no unreadable bad sectors during the process.

An examination of the secured image by the data recovery engineers revealed that the partition table was missing. It is probable that the partition table was reinitialised due to corruption resulting in the operating system not recognising it as a valid structure. This may have been caused by removing the external USB drive without using the correct procedure.

Our data recovery specialists examined the secured image the drive, upon which was found a single 1TB NTFS data volume. Our engineers analysed the partition revealing approximately 360GB of assorted files consisting of office documents, music files and photos. The files were then returned to the client on another external USB drive.

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