SAN RAID 50 Recovery Gloucester

“A failure of our SAN server caused serious disruption, after the RAID controller failed. An engineer replaced the RAID controller, but SAN would not restart. When we found the backups for most of the data on this SAN had failed for the last month, were in a huge panic!

We contacted DiskEng data recovery who gave us great advice, and were able to recover the 72TB of important simulation and wind tunnel data for our R&D department we could not restore from elsewhere. A huge thanks for the sterling work.”

Ray Cleevely, GSV Avionics, Gloucester

We received a call from Gloucester about a 48 disk SAN server, which had suffered a failure and would not come back on-line. The SAN server containing the full set of hard disk drives was rushed from Gloucester to our laboratory in Oxford.

Our hard disk drive specialists found forty eight 3TB drives contained in the SAN server, which were all imaged to our servers in order to secure a copy of the data. No errors on any of the hard drives were encountered during the imaging process.

The images of the forty eight hard drives were then passed onto our RAID recovery specialists, who determined the drives were configured using a RAID 50 architecture, with 24 drives in each RAID 5. A virtual RAID array was configured enabling our data recovery specialists to examine the data stored on the drives.

Our data recovery specialists located the information containing a set of logical allocation units, which formed the allocated space for each virtual device presented by the SAN unit as an iSCSI device. Three large volumes were located, an NTFS data volume of 50TB containing 38TB of data, and two XFS volumes both 42TB in size, containing 23TB and 18TB respectively.

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