Seagate 10TB Enterprise Disk Drives

Recently Seagate released the first 10TB hard disk drive into the enterprise market without the need to use techniques which hinder the overall performance data transfers. In common with the recent trend, these drives are helium filled and hermetically sealed, allowing a 25% increase in rack capacity.

Unlike the numerous 8TB archive drives released in 2015 these do not use the shingled magnetic recording (SMR) method, where data is overlapped, and requires several sectors to be rewritten on each data write. This increased capacity with no performance hit will filter down into the consumer market, with other companies likely to follow their lead.

The ever increasing demand for cloud storage capacity has been the main driver behind the release of this drive. The design contains 7 platters using 14 read/write heads, with helium used in order to create a turbulence free and low friction environment. This sets a new benchmark for power per TB an important aspect when running large scale data centres.

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