Seagate Disk Failure Newport

“It had been noticeable that Windows was taking longer to boot up, but didn’t realise it might be a warning sign. One morning Windows would not start at all, so I called for help and sending the disk to DiskEng was the suggestion. Thanks for all the work in returning my files.”

Gareth Owen, Newport

A 2TB Seagate hard disk drive arrived from Newport at our laboratory in Oxford. The drive was inspected by our hardware data recovery specialists who found no physical problems with the drive. A sector-by-sector image copy of the drive was secured by our hardware engineers. This proved to be a time consuming process due to encountering approximately 50 thousand unreadable bad sectors during the process.

Over time a hard disk will accumulate bad sectors, which up to a certain level are automatically dealt with by the drive. During manufacture an area of the drive is reserved, called swap space to allow bad sectors to be mapped out. This avoids the drive from potentially causing serious issues when the first bad sector is encountered. This swap space is however a finite size, so once it is exhausted bad sectors will be presented to the operating system.

The secured image of the drive was analysed by our data recovery engineers revealing a single NTFS volume containing approximately 1.4TB of files. The files found consisted of operating system files, program files, music and video files, photos and some office documents.

Due to the number of bad sectors our data recovery specialists also checked each file for their presence to determine which files have suffered damage. The majority of the damaged files operating and program files, with the remaining damage all affecting music files.

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