Seagate Expansion Drive Seizures

Our data recovery specialists have noted a sharp increase in the number of portable Seagate Expansion drives which have suffered a seizure. The Seagate Expansion enclosure suffering the particular issue usually contains a Seagate/Samsung Momentus labelled drive, which in the case of the 1TB version has the Seagate drive number ST1000LM024, but may also have the Samsung part number HNM101MBB.

The seizure of this drive has resulted from a read/write head failure following contact with the surface of the platters. Typically this failure will result in a quiet buzzing noise or a tapping sound to be heard. In most drives this type of failure is the result of physical shock following an impact, such as dropping the drive. However in each case, our customers are reporting that such impact has occurred testtest.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to recover the data, in particular opening the drive, which could result in further damage to the platters. Such action could lead to an unnecessary loss of data.

Data recovery should only be untaken by a data recovery hardware specialist, ensuring that no further damage can result, as the chances of a successful recovery are high. In the 276 cases we have seen to date in our laboratory our success rate in performing a full recovery is over 98%.

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