Seagate Expansion Failure Wandsworth

“Bought a new 4TB to copy the data I’ve been backing up to my old 1TB Seagate Expansion drive, but just as I was about to start the old drive failed and wouldn’t work anymore. Was advised that data recovery was my only option and was delighted with the swift response from DiskEng to my enquiry and the service provided in returning my data.”

Mathew Naliah, Wandsworth

We received a 1TB Seagate Expansion hard disk enclosure from Wandsworth at our laboratory in Oxford. The USB enclosure contained a 1TB Samsung hard disk drive (ST1000LM024/HNM101MBB) which our data recovery hardware specialists examined which revealed that a seizure of the drive had occurred which can happen due to a momentary loss of power whilst it is in operation. The result of this was for the read/write heads to come into contact the surface of the platters, leading to the motor spindle being unable to turn.

Our hardware data recovery engineers were able to dismantle the drive and rebuild it, allowing them to overcome the problem. It was then possible for a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive to be secured to to our data recovery servers. No unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

Our data recovery engineers examined the secured image of the drive upon which they found a single 1TB NTFS data volume which contained approximately 940GB of files, which consisted mainly of music and video files, photos and assorted office documents. Although the drive failure appeared to occur as the result of a momentary power loss while in operation, no indications of any damage having been suffered to any of the files.

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