Seagate Launch 10TB Consumer Drives

Today Seagate announced the launch of a range of 10TB drives aimed at high-end consumers along with NAS and remote surveillance products, collectively called the Guardian Series. Since 2013 Seagate have called their consumer products “Desktop HDD” but have now reintroduced the Barracuda name, although rebranded it to BarraCuda. The full range includes FireCuda, IronWolf and SkyHawk.

This range of drives uses the latest advances in perpendicular recording technology, but appear not to use helium as used in the enterprise level 10TB drives launched earlier this year. This gives a 25% increase over the previously available consumer level drives, also introducing different warranty levels for each different drive in the Guardian Series.

The BarraCuda range covers 2.5” and 3.5” form factors with a two-year warranty. The BarraCuda Pro versions are only available as a 3.5” drive, providing slightly faster data transfer speeds, along with higher yearly write limits with a five-year warranty. An SSHD (Hybrid SSD) is also available called FireCuda, although limited to 2TB also features a five-year warranty.

The NAS range of drives are labelled IronWolf, while the remote surveillance range is name SkyHawk, available in capacities up to 10TB. These drives come with a three-year warranty. It is however, significant that Seagate are preparing to make substantial cuts in their workforce, a sign of the pressure manufacturers of traditional hard disk drive manufacturers are facing.

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