Seagate Maintenance Issue Luton

“My Mac was crashing regularly and wasn’t any better after returning it to the store. I contacted DiskEng, who were most helpful and recovered all my files. Excellent service which I highly recommend.”

Jeff Collinson, Luton

From Luton we received a 1TB Seagate hard disk drive at our laboratory in Oxford. An examination of the hard disk by our hardware data recovery specialists found that the drive would go offline and power down after a read error was encountered. This problem occurs due to a fault becoming present in the maintenance area of the hard disk drive, which indicates to the firmware that a serious failure has occurred, resulting in the drive going offline and powering down.

The maintenance issue was overcome by our hardware data recovery engineers who were then able to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the hard disk drive. Approximately 300 unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

The image of the drive was then examined by our data recovery specialists who located a single 1TB HFS+ volume on the drive. The HFS+ volume contained approximately 550GB of data including the MacOSX operating system, applications and documents. Further detailed analysis revealed that the unreadable bad sectors were only affecting some of the operating system files.

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