Seagate Personal Cloud Recovery Basingstoke

“When the Seagate Cloud drive I was using to back my files up to failed I feared losing some important accounts documents and assorted files. A big thank you to DiskEng for returning my data and guiding me through a stressful time.”

EA Kingston, Freelance Software Engineer, Basingstoke

A Seagate Personal Cloud storage unit arrived at our data recovery laboratory in Oxford, from Basingstoke. The drive enclosure contained a single 3TB Seagate hard disk drive, which was examined by our hardware specialists. It was found that the drive was suffering a PCB fault caused by the power regulator having burnt out. The two common causes of this failure are due to a power surge or through the hard drive running at a high temperature.

The problem with the power regulator was overcome by our hardware data recovery specialists allowing them to secure an image of the drive with a minimal number of unreadable bad sectors.

The image of the drive was analysed by our software data recovery specialists who found a single 3TB NTFS data volume contained on the drive. A total of 900GB of documents and assorted image and video files was recoverable with only a couple of unimportant temporary files suffering damage, due to the failure. The data was returned on a new external USB hard disk drive.

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