SSD Hard Drive Recovery Woking

“I plugged the wrong power supply into my laptop and it wouldn’t boot afterwards. Many thanks for advice and returning extremely important design documents.”

Dr A Jenkins, AJ Engineering, Woking

A 128GB SanDisk SSD drive arrived from Woking at our laboratory in Oxford. It was reported that the wrong power supply had been inserted into the laptop, and after using the correct one, the SSD drive did not appear in the BIOS.

After inspecting the SSD our hardware specialists determined that using the incorrect power supply had caused the controller chip to blow, leading to the drive not appearing in the BIOS. The chips used to store the data were located with the raw data extracted to images stored on our servers.

After using proprietary software to de-interleave the data, a virtual volume could be created for our recovery software to process. We located approximately 70GB of assorted data, including operating system files, installed software and the important user documents.

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