SSD Important Data Recommendation

Solid State Devices are becoming increasingly popular in particular for laptops and operating system drives. With the increased capacities, decreasing prices and fast access times, it is now tempting to use them for data storage. SSD’s are an evolving technology, which makes data recovery a more complex and costly process, if required.

The current success rate for SSD data recovery is also lower than that for traditional hard disk drives. This is partly due to the failure mechanisms involved but also with the evolution of new technology and storage methodologies, new techniques are regularly required. In spite of the very high figure given for the total number of read and write operations available before failure occurs, it is alarming how fast that can be used up by certain applications, such as video editing.

Our recommendation is that if you require the increased speed afforded by using a solid state device, a proper backup strategy is put in place otherwise you put the security of your data at serious risk. If speed is not an issue, we still recommend a good backup strategy, but using a traditional hard disk drive is more cost effective, with a better recovery rate, should disaster occur.

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