Data Conversion

With the multitude of different storage media types and backup data formats developed over time, it’s not long before a newer, better and faster alternative becomes available.

QIC tapesData conversion or media conversion, data migration and data duplication, allows you to keep pace with advances in technology when it is necessary for your organization. This is achieved by converting your old data to newer and more up to date formats and storage media, for quicker and easier access.

Whether you have archive data stored on legacy tapes, for which you no longer have the tape drive or the backup software with which to restore it, we can recover and restore your data.

DiskEng data conversion and media conversion services have access to a vast array of hardware and software solutions which allow us to extract, recover, restore and finally convert your data for use on modern systems.

Data conversion from old tape media to the latest tape storage media as well as tape backup to disk media, are just some of the regular data conversion and media conversion services that we provide.

With support for such a wide range of tape media and backup formats, our data conversion services are highly recommended in the storage industry. We can convert anything, from one-off media to large scale batch conversions.

To discuss your exact data and media conversion requirements, contact us to speak to our tape data recovery and conversion specialists. We will listen to your needs, recommend your options for delivering the final results.

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