DLT Tape Recovery

The DLT (Digital Linear tape) magnetic tape storage media was originally developed by DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) who released the TK50 and TK70 tape, later purchased by Quantum in 1994. Since then the DLT and a higher capacity version the SDLT (Super DLT) have been introduced.

The DLT uses the serpentine recording format on its half-inch wide tape media in a single data cartridge. The introduction of the DLT4 tape, capable of holding 40GB of uncompressed data very quickly became one of the most widely used tape media for backup data storage. The low cost and full support from tape drive manufacturers and tape backup software vendors, made the DLT tape very popular backup media.

Whilst the tape was reliable, there were a number of problems, which meant there was the requirement for a whole range of DLT tape recovery solutions to be developed. After many years of research and development, we now have a suite of software and hardware tape recovery solutions to recover your DLT tape in the event of a problem or failure.

One of the most common problems seen, was failure of the tape drive or tape cartridge. Tapes could become tangled in the tape drive or tape media cartridge; other issues occurred when the tape leader snapped or the tapes developed media flaws. The huge popularity also saw many incidents from accidental errors by the user, requiring recovery from initialized and overwritten DLT tapes.

If you have a problem with your DLT media, we can recover your DLT data.

  • SDLT DriveDLT tape media failure
  • Snapped or creased media
  • Snapped Leader
  • Missing tape media
  • Corrupt backup
  • Damaged backup catalogue
  • Backup restore failure
  • Initialized DLT tape
  • Overwritten backup

These are just some of the problems we regularly see, requiring us to recover data from DLT tapes. To speak to a tape recovery specialist and get your tape data recovered, contact us now. We are available 24 hours a day.

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