LTO Tape Recovery

The LTO (Linear Tape-Open) magnetic data tape was originally introduced in 2000 using the form factor name Ultrium. Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate initiated the LTO Consortium, which directs development and manages licensing and certification of media and mechanism manufacturers. The first release of the LTO tape was capable of storing 100GB of uncompressed data on a single data cartridge.

LTO Recording FormatAs of 2012, the sixth release of the LTO tape, can now record 2.5TB of uncompressed data using the same size data cartridge. The LTO tape media is physically, half an inch wide and uses the serpentine (linear) recording format to record data.

Since their introduction, we have seen a number of common problems with the LTO tape media. Although each problem required research and development due to the complexity of the LTO technology, a complete tape data recovery solution was developed and the data recovered.

Over the years we have developed solutions for LTO tape recovery from snapped, creased and tangled LTO tape media. One of the most frequent user related LTO tape recovery problems is the retrieval of files from initialized and overwritten tapes. Recovery from corrupt backups is another common problem.

Here are just some of the most common problems we have recovered data from LTO tapes since their first introduction:

  • LTO Ultrium RangeTape media damage

  • LTO tape snapped
  • LTO media creased
  • LTO cartridge stuck in drive
  • Tape media failure

  • LTO tape corruption
  • LTO tape data corrupt
  • LTO backup corruptionLTO Tape Drive
  • Tape user errors

  • LTO tape initialized
  • LTO tape Overwritten

We have recovered data from LTO1, LTO2, LTO3 and now also LTO4 tapes. Whilst some have suffered a combination of failures, many of those seen have required recovery from overwritten LTO1, LTO2 and LTO3 tapes. The techniques developed will translate to the latest media, such as LTO5, LTO6 and future iterations. To recover your LTO tape data, contact us for expert advice and complete recovery solution.

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