USB Hard Drive Recovery Enfield

I would just like to thank your company for retrieving my family photographs from my old External hard drive.
I was very pleased with the way your company led me through the process and achieved the desired result.
Memories are preserved.
Please pass my gratitude onto your team that did the work

Sam Devlin, Enfield

A USB drive enclosure arrived at our laboratory containing a Samsung 250GB hard disk, which had been dropped, causing a failure.

An examination of the enclosed drive revealed that the impact had caused a failure of the drive motor. Our hardware engineers were able to overcome the problem and recover over 99% of the raw data sectors.

An analysis of the drive image by our data recovery specialists, revealed a 250GB NTFS volume containing 190GB of data files, mostly consisting of image files. Although there was some damage, it was confined to unimportant files and unused disk space.

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