USB Pen Drive Data Recovery Northampton

“After accidentally snapping my USB stick, while it was still attached to my laptop, I was worried I’d lost most of my accounts data.

After talking to DiskEng I was reassured, and delighted with the service, which delivered a full recovery of my data as promised.”

Keith Beynon, Self Employed Web Designer, Northampton

At our laboratory in Oxford, we received an 8GB USB pen drive from Northampton, which had been snapped, breaking the interface connector away from the body of the device.

Our hardware engineers examined the USB pen drive, and repaired the connector, but found the device was still not functional. A further detailed examination by a hardware specialist revealed that the clock counter on the circuit board had been damaged when the breakage occurred. After this was repaired, the USB pen drive could then be imaged to secure a copy of the raw data.

It should be noted that even if the clock counter could not be repaired, the raw data could have been accessed directly, although this procedure is more complex than affecting a repair of the damaged component.

Our data recovery specialist found a FAT32 volume which contained approximately 3.3GB of documents and scanned tiff files. No errors were found, and the data returned to the client.

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