Want the Cheapest Data Recovery

In all aspects of life, we want to get the best possible service, whilst paying the least amount of money for it. The well-known phrase “you get what you pay for” whilst not always true when it comes to shopping in a supermarket, is particularly applicable when it comes to data recovery.

Companies offering the cheapest data recovery services, usually small companies, often just one person, may be willing to take risks to achieve a recovery of your data files. If this approach works everything is good, and you will have recovered your documents, multimedia files and other data at a bargain price. The problem is that when things go wrong, it will often have a detrimental effect on the chances of recovering your data.

One Chance Is Usually All You Get

Following the failure of a hard disk drive, RAID array, USB stick, tape data cartridge or any other media, the best chance of recovering the data is at the first attempt. This is particularly true if the failure is a hardware related, where attempting to access the data may cause further damage, if the proper precautions are not used.

Attempting to recover individual files directly from a failing drive or device is a risk that is not worth taking. We have seen considerable damage occur as the result of do-itself-yourself data recovery tools or other irresponsible parties attempting to access the data.

Imaging Is Important

The almost universal “No Fix, No Fee” diagnosis coupled with a low evaluation for the recovery, encourages users to pass their valuable data to those offering the cheapest quote. Although not charged up front, part of the recovery fee for a successful data recovery includes the imaging process, which is essential for ensuring that the least possible risks are taken while performing the analysis of your storage media.

By securing an image copy of the data, we ensure that once a quote for the recovery of files is issued, there is no chance that any further problems could occur, to impact on the quality of the results. To base a quote for completing the recovery of data without imaging a hard drive would be irresponsible, as any damage occurring while copying the files would result in the loss of data.

Impact of Failed Data Recovery

In the best case, no harm is done, but often a failure which is beyond the knowledge and expertise of those unable to recover the data, will result in further damage being done. In the worse situation this could lead to a catastrophic loss of data. If your data is important, these are risks that are not worth undertaking.

Seeking help from a professional data recovery service provider such as DiskEng, is always the best option, as we never take any unnecessary risks. Our data recovery specialists have many years of experience and expertise which ensures that whatever the problem, the correct steps are taken to ensure that no risks are taken which could cause unnecessary damage to your storage device.

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