Waterlogged Disks Glasgow

“A water leak resulted in my computer being waterlogged. After reading the advice on the DiskEng site, I entrusted them to recover my files. I am very pleased with the hard work and service. Many thanks.”

Alistair McEwan, Glasgow

We received two hard disks from Glasgow at our laboratory in Oxford, a 2TB Western Digital drive and a 1TB Seagate drive. They were wrapped in plastic sealed in airtight containers, as they had been inundated with water. Our hardware data recovery specialists cleaned and rebuilt both hard disk drives so that they were operational.

Our data recovery specialists secured sector-by-sector images of both hard disk drives, both suffering a handful of unreadable bad sectors.

The images for both hard disks were examined by our data recovery specialists, who found a 2TB and 1TB NTFS data volume containing 1.2TB and 400GB respectively, containing a wide range of operating system, office documents, videos and photos. Despite the unreadable bad sectors the damage was confined to system and program files.

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