WDC My Book Failure Brighton

“Excellent service. Would thoroughly recommend them to everyone. Saved the day when My Book drive vanished and started making odd noises.”

Alan Drinkwater, Brighton

A 1TB WDC My Book arrived from Brighton at our laboratory in Oxford containing a 1TB Western Digital hard drive. The hard disk drive was inspected by our hardware data recovery specialists revealing that the read/write heads had failed, which caused the drive to make clicking noises and the data to become inaccessible. Our hardware data recovery specialists used donor parts to overcome the problem by rebuilding the drive. This allowed a sector-by-sector image of the disk to be secured to one of our servers. Approximately a thousand unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process, probably as a result of the heads failing.

The secured image of the drive was examined by our data recovery specialists revealing a 1TB NTFS data volume which contained approximately 170GB of recoverable files. These consisted mainly of photos, music files, videos and assorted office documents. A detailed scan revealed that about a dozen music files had been damaged by the unreadable bad sectors. Fortunately, these had been downloaded via an online service and therefore replaceable. All the recovered data was written to an external USB drive for return to the customer.

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