Windows 10 Downgrade Failure Bedford

“My attempt to downgrade from Windows 10 back to Windows 7 left my PC unable to restart. Attempting to slave the drive on another machine failed. Thanks for recovering my files after the disastrous results of going to Windows 10.”

Jim Taylor, Bedford

At our laboratory in Oxford we received a 3TB Western Digital hard disk drive from Bedford. An examination of the hard drive by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed that the disk was fully operational. A sector-by-sector image of the drive was secured with problems.

A detailed analysis of the partition scheme revealed the drive to apparently contain only a single 3TB volume, when it was reported as containing two. An examination of the data revealed a 1TB NTFS Windows Installation volume with the rest of the drive used for a 2TB NTFS data volume.

Our data recovery engineers were able to process the two volume which contained 200GB and 420GB respectively. The Windows installation volume contained some corruption to the metadata structure, but all important user files were recovered intact from both volumes.

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