Windows Restore Point Failure Bournemouth

“Many thanks for getting my files back, great work. It all started when strange error messages and dialogues popped up from Windows. Decided to attempt going back to a saved restore point, but Windows 7 wouldn’t reboot properly giving just a black screen. I panicked at first but after calling a friend they told me to send the disk for data recovery before attempting to reinstall Windows.”

Emma Stark, Bournemouth

We received a 1.5TB green Western Digital hard disk drive from Bournemouth at our laboratory in Oxford. The drive was carefully inspected by our hardware recovery specialists who found that the hard disk was fully operational. Our hardware data recovery secured a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive with no unreadable bad sectors encountered during the process.

Our data recovery specialists inspected the secured drive image finding it to contain two NTFS volumes, one a small recovery file system and the other a 1.5TB containing the operating system, program files and user data. Our engineers located approximately 450GB of files on the volume, of which approximately 320GB were user files, consisting of assorted videos, photos and office documents.

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