Windows Server Failure Colchester

“Many thanks for the hard work in recovering our data after our server crashed. Our office was at a standstill, as we rely almost entirely on our server.”

Jame Mitford, Colchester

A server containing a pair of Seagate hard disks arrived from Colchester at our offices in Oxford, a 2TB drive and the other 4TB. An examination of both drives revealed the 2TB hard disk drive to have suffered a read/write head failure, while the 4TB drive was suffering a failure of the controller board. These failures were most likely due to the operating temperature of the drives being too high.

Our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the failure of both drives, allowing them to secure sector-by-sector image copies. The 4TB hard disk drive was successfully imaged with no errors, while the 2TB suffered approximately one thousand unreadable bad sectors during the imaging process.

Each image was analysed finding two 1TB NTFS partitions on the 2TB hard disk drive, while the other drive contained a single 4TB NTFS data volume. Fortunately, the bad sectors on the first disk were only affecting the Windows Server boot volume, which contained approximately 375GB of system and program files. The second volume on the 2TB drive contained approximately 620GB of data files and office documents. The 4TB volume was found to contain approximately 2.8TB of files, which included several large database files and some virtual file system images.

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