Windows Server Failure Doncaster

“Highly recommended. Great job in returning the files after our server failed. An engineer came on-site, but couldn’t fix it, due to a broken disk. Many thanks guys.”

Richard Clarke, Doncaster

A 4TB Seagate hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Doncster. The hard disk drive was examined by our hardware data recovery engineers revealing it to have suffered a failure of the controller board, quite likely the result of continuously running at a high temperature. Our data recovery engineers used a donor controller board allowing them to overcome the issue. They were then able to secure a sector-by-sector image of the disk to our secure servers. Approximately 300 hundred unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process testtest testtest.

An examination of the secured image of the drive by our data recovery engineers revealed it to contain a 750B NTFS Windows operating system volume and a 3.25TB NTFS data volume. These volumes contained 330GB and 1.9TB of data respectively. The data on the first partition consisted of operating system and program files, while the second consisted mainly of images, scanned files, photos, databases and a large assortment of office documents. When a detailed scan was undertaken, it revealed all the unreadable bad sectors encountered during the imaging process had only affected the operating system volume.

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